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Training and individual Presentations

Our yearlong experiences in science, education, and project work can be transferred to you.

On this behalf we can ideally adapt the trainig and the event individually to your needs. Whether you seek for deeper understanding at an optical special topic for yourself or your employees or rather search for "edutainment".

During the past we have made very good experiences with hands-on experiments for the participants (3rd grade elementary school, 8th grade secondary school, marketing team of a world market leader). To work with one's own hands on simple things like LED's or complex setups like interferometers drastically increases fascination and learning progress. We have extended experiences and are happy to bring along a variety of optical and mechanical components.

Group sizes of three and above are ideal and all age cohorts can be addressed. It is not even necessary to have deep optical pre-knowledge (like in the case of marketing experts) as long as we know in advance and can adapt.

Possible Topics

  • Introduction into laser technology: resonators, power, safety aspects
  • Illumination concepts: lux, lumen, candela, CRI, black body
  • ZEMAX and other simulation software
  • What is light? Fundamental concepts, LED's, laser
  • Entertainment around light: surprising effects, light- and laser shows
  • Spectroscopy, classical optics
  • Special topics upon request