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Measurements, Simulations, and Tests of Optical Systems from One Source

  • Are you looking for proficient help in the area of optical devices and applications?

  • Do you need to take a special optical measurement but are lacking the devices, the experience, or the personnel?

  • Do you have an optical device which essentially works but just not completely?

  • Did you hear about an optical measurement process which could be interesting for your customers?

  • Do you need someone who completes your competences with optical expertise?

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Optikexpertisen's Competences

Coming from years of experience and owning a patent about diode lasers in external resonators, our competencies extended steadily through over 80 projects of different sizes since 2006. Thus we can refer to wide experiences in the area of optical development in both simulation and practice.

We see ourselves as the mediator between customer requirements and optical technologies

For this we possess different measurement techniques for the determination of spectra, light output power, spatial distribution, polarization and their dependence on temperature, current, voltage, etc. We have several patents and we can give you tips on how to protect your own intellectual achievements.We are based in Potsdam but we have development clients not only in Berlin and Brandenburg but all over Germany and large parts of Europe.

Topics of previous Projects and Contracts

  • Medical technology (blood analysis, dental technology)
  • Bioanalytical processes
  • Beam shaping of high power lasers
  • Fiber coupling of lasers and LED's
  • Gassensing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Lasers with high beam quality and upscaled output power

Can we really help you?

... the earliest we can know that, is of course after discussing it together.

That is why we first ask you to talk to us on the phone so you can explain the problem that is to be solved. (It is natural that we treat everything confidential from that point on).

When we think that we can help you, we will perform the first simulation for free. From this results the possible project size, which we will then speak about with you.